Producer Dr. Jagdish Waghela's Movie,'The international Problem' on AIDS

Mumbai.A feature film ‘The international Problem’ which focuses on Aids and guides the youth on sex education and the truth behind Section 377 has not being made tax free by the government even after more than two years of efforts. Made under Shri Education Films banner, the Writer-Producer- Director Dr. Jagdish Waghela has been running pillar to post at Revenue, Health and Health AIDS dept.  The move has received U certificate from the censor board. The makers have written a letter to the President urging the Health Department to review the movie.

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“Today AIDS kills less people than the society’s perception of the AIDS patients. I have seen a patient who suffered more than 14 years of AIDS and is still alive. He is supported by his friends and family. I have been Let us see what happens after the President receives the letter. It is to be seen if the Health dept will review the movie or neglect it. I wonder why two govt departments don’t co operate with each other. I will request to Centre Govt. and the Maharashtra government to take appropriate action. This is a movie for social benefit, isn’t it?” says Dr. Jagdish Waghela.

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