Filmmaker Abhik Bhanu’s second book – Stool Pigeon – on celluloid as Khabri 420

Writer-director-producer Abhik Bhanu is back with his second book ‘Stool Pigeon’. The book published by Okada Aims is being successfully marketed by e-commerce giant Amazon. Priced at Rs. 199 with 264 page paperback, it is termed as the best fiction novel and is anticipated by the book lovers who are emerging in more numbers.

The book provides a bird’s eye view on the poor in India in an unfettered manner exploring the bare underbelly of the Indian socio-political ecosystem.

Buzz is that the filmmaker Abhik Bhanu is gearing up to make his book ‘Stool Pigeon’ for celluloid. The Hindi feature film is being titled as ‘Khabri 420’ and is in its pre-production stages. Bhanu has earlier made films like ‘Sab Kuch Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi’ revolving around Mahatma Gandhi and it has received several critical acclaims after being screened at various film festivals. His forthcoming films ‘Dark Rainbow’ based on his own book and title and the other one ‘Gun Pe Done’ is in its post-production stages.
‘Stool Pigeon’ a.k.a. ‘Khabri 420’ is a love story between a police commissioner’s daughter and a police informer (stool pigeon). Like its paperback version, the film will also highlight the heinous acts of children at NGO shelter homes, especially girls including the disabled ones pushed into flesh trade. It highlights real-life stories that have been published in the media with burning issues from Kolkata (West Bengal), Muzaffarpur (Bihar) and Devaria (U.P.).

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